Stellarators The Future of Fusion Energy 2020

Tokamaks Tokamaks are by far the most-studied type of fusion reactor in the world. The European Union is putting billions of euros in probably the biggest machine at any point worked by men either venture. Numerous different thoughts are being investigated as far as attractive and inertial imprisonment, while a great...

World Rarest Coins

old coin

They say money makes the world go round. Maybe that's why so much of the money we use comes in the form of round coins. We tend to think that banknotes are more valuable than coins, but that isn't always the case Especially when the real value of a currency is far more than the figure printed upon its face.

Gerard Pique reaction after Real Madrid Clasico defeat and Liverpool Lose

El Clasico vs Barcelona Last night's El Clasico which I didn't think it was too bad yes it was no way near what it wasn't a pass, but Real Madrid executed the perfect plan they were the ones pressing. They were the ones putting Barcelona round the pressure, and they got their rewards with two...

Rare Eye Colors In Human

Rare colors eyes

The eyes are the window to the spirit, but just how special are yours. You're probably familiar with the same old shades, but believe it or not, there are people with silver, violet, or even bright eyes out there. Ice Blue Eyes You probably know at least...

Things you need to know about the International Space Station

6 things you didn't know about the International Space Station.  Since its first launch in 1998 the International Space Station has been a marvel of human engineering and ingenuity from its troubled past to its most recent expedition there's so much we can learn from the ISS.

Only Super Car That Can Repair Itself

Repairing cars by itself 2020

Imagine a world where cars can walk upstairs. Wade through rivers and reach neck-breaking speeds on literally any surface. It turns out that the world already exists and we're living in it. Some of the most well-known car companies have created never-before-seen futuristic concept vehicles that are going to revolutionize the industry in no time.

Top 6 Historic Pioneers in Space Travel

Before getting started, we need to create the framework of math physics and engineering that could get us there; after all, it's rocket science, not Rome, the Space Shuttle wasn't built in a day. 6. Johannes Kepler A staunch believer that the planets revolved around the Sun and not the earth

Highly Secured Places in the world

Ever since the Egyptians built the pyramids thousands of years ago, the human race has been searching for and creating ways to safeguard their treasures from theft and harm, be it through castles and forts to hiding things in the sea.  The ten most heavily guarded places on the earth looking not just at the measures in place...

How to download movies on Netflix

how to download movies on Netflix

Netflix has a neat feature that has been available on mobile for quite a while that has been adding to the Windows 10 app that allows you to watch Netflix content offline the offline feature is useful for those times when you're in an area with poor internet service. Just read and learn how to download...

How to change Spotify Username

how to change spotify username

We are going to be showcasing a method of how to change Spotify username. If you don't have the Spotify app downloaded on your iOS or Android devices, so click on the given links below to download Spotify for your device. Spotify for iOS