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Quantum Supremacy

Quantum Supremacy the new step in the future.

Quantum supermacy

Google has done it their quest for galactic conquest canal begin in earnest because the tech giant has achieved quantum supremacy that’s a technical term for the ability of quantum computers to solve problems that classical computers cannot explain or can’t answer any reasonable amount of time. 

Google says that they’ve reached the milestone by having their SiC more quantum machine describe the output of a quantum random number generator way more annoying than I thought that’s like a regular number generator, but it has quantum in front basically

“Google says a task  that would take the fastest supercomputers in the world 10,000 years to complete the quantum computer can do in 4 minutes.” 

By google

quantum supremacy achieved 

IBM Doubts on Googles’s Claim Quantum Supremacy

It turns out that not everyone is buying Google’s claim IBM who built the summit’ supercomputer that Google virtually ran against Sycamore says that with some software and hardware tweaks summit could complete the same random number generator tasks in two-and-a-half days still a lot that would downgrade Google’s achievement from quantum supremacy to just old quantum advantage and no one wants a quantum advantage that’s bush league it never conquer the galaxy that way advantage quantum speaking of supercomputers.


 Nvidia EGX Brings AI and 5G GPU to the Edge

Nvidia just laid out a vision for everyone to use there’s good old leather jacket Jensen unveiled the EGX edge supercomputing platform at Mobile World Congress LA yesterday rather than serving as a single enormous computer. EGX combines the company’s CUDA X software and Nvidia servers to provide GPU powered computing to companies that wouldn’t usually use in video services like Walmart.

By: Bob O’Donnell

 A Walmart in New York State equipped with the EGX Tech was able to compute in real-time more than 1.6 terabytes of data generated each second. As a computer guy trust me, that’s a lot of data, but EGX is only one of six miracles that

“Jensen said they participate in the future where computing is available to everyone and other miracles”

By: Jensen

Jenson Wang a real-life Thanos is this invidious endgame Oh No, and Mark Zuckerberg went for a visit to the US Congress once again you think they’d be friends by now, but they hate him still these hangouts oh you seem a little tense don’t they members of the House Financial Services Committee questioned

Mark Zuckerberg Actions:

Marky-mark about the Facebook-led Libre Association and its plans for creating a digital currency “Zuckerberg told Congress that Facebook would not move forward with Libre without the support of US regulators and we agree Libros gonna need all the help.”

 we can get as last week the Libre Association lost a chunk of its prominent members, including Visa MasterCard and booking.com, and Facebook may face yet another blow if a just-introduced bill goes through that would require large social networks to allow users to take their data and leave for another platform. If they choose just to make it and go, man, I mean I know Zuckerberg a reptilian but I still feel for the guy sometimes you know I hope he’s it enough instead now it’s time for quick bits brought to you by privacy calm the service that thing’s giving out your credit card number like candy to every set you buy something from online is a bit unsafe so what privacy does is hide your credit card number and use a virtual number that’s locked – whichever merchant you’re shopping at even if the store gets hacked bad guys won’t be able to use your card number anywhere they please and if they try you’ll get a notification on your phone, so you can cancel your card and laugh at their foolishness privacy calm is PCI DSS compliant uses military-grade encryption offers two-factor authentication and is super easy to set up oh and it’s free since they make money from online stores, not you’ll get five bucks if

Intel’s Elemental PC:

 Intel’s Element PC concept was shown to the press earlier this month, but it looks like it’s already found its way into consumer devices the ghost Canyon Nook was documented in China containing a PCI-based element module with the CPU RAM and storage inside installed any tiny backplane with another two PCI slots available for a discrete GPU, not a wrong size for a small gaming PC maybe this isn’t as stupid as it was at first it’s like Intel works with computers or something they’ve been doing this for a long time.

Intel new gaming pc 2020
By: Intel

Realistic Force Feedback:

Microsoft is, for some reason developing a VR system that would allow users to walk down the street or anywhere really while wearing a VR headset something.

By: Samuel Axon

I’ve always wanted to do the system would generate a virtual world with in-game objects appearing to represent real-world obstacles. So the user could avoid them and any real responsibilities hanging over their heads; also, your mother-in-law turns into an in-game tree or something beautiful and evergreen.


 Samsung heard Apple was making an augmented reality headset, so they started working on their own that’s the only explanation for this patent showing a pair of glasses equipped with AR displays well maybe before they work on that they should fix the broken fingerprint sensors.

By: Stephen Lambrechts

Multi-Spectral Targeting System

 Samson and defense company Raytheon has shown off its mobile anti-drone laser defense system which can track and disable drones while mounted on a vehicle the orders on a car the drones aren’t own a vehicle the drones are in the sky they are a vehicle I guess, and the video for this is pretty rad with some sick rock-and-roll music so you know it’s hardcore watch out drones.

Multi-spectral targeting system
By: Samson
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