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iPhone 11 Hidden Features Tips and Tricks


Here we are with top 10 tips tricks and features for iOS 13,  and I’ve only lived in some of these you might know some of them you may not, but either way, you have to try them also.

Sync AirPods with Friends

Starting with an epic new feature did you know you can pay not only one pair of ear pods but two to your iPhone, so of course, you would open up your ear pods as though you were going to listen to music, but then if your friend has a pair as well they pop their buds in their ears, and then you

Swipe down on control center and then where you see this icon you tap on it you’ll see that icon once again

then you’ll touch it again, and it’ll open up this little menu

 where you can see both your ear pods select your pair then choose your friends to pay and then BAM just like that both air pods connected to your phone you can control the volume of each air pods separately, and then you can go ahead Jam your song and enjoy you can also still change the quantity of each earpods by clicking on the volume settings and then just like that you will see both pairs and this function also works with beats earphones so you can try air parts and beats they’ll both work which is awesome.

Voice Control entire Phone

 iPhone 11 also has voice control, so if your hands are a little bit full it’s no problem at all you can still command on your phone to do a bunch of things just like this:

  Me:  Hey Siri

 Siri: I’m listening

 Me: turn on a voice control

 Siri: Okay I’ve turned on voice control

  Now you can give different commands to perform tasks

For example, you can say  show names  andSiri will show all apps name present on the phone screen:

Now you can open any app by calling its name. Now to turn off voice control Say “turn off voice control” and boom just like that, you can control your entire phone hands-free

New Photo Feature

Within photos there are a bunch of new features which make life so much easier so first up you can now pinch your screen to zoom out and show all your images in tiny thumbnails this makes life so much easier when trying to find a specific set of images that you took recently without having to scroll for days

Another thing that the photo app now does is it collects your images neatly within days months and years so of course depending on when you took your pictures the photo app will automatically categorize them for you, but what’s cool under the Month section it’ll categorize specific moments within your month as memories and then if you click on these three dots in the top right-hand corner and you select

the button that says play it’ll create a little movie of all those images and videos you took and then from there you can further customize it by choosing your length and even what song you want to play once you’re happy you can also share the video with friends family you name it.

Quick Text Selection

  Now so many of you love the copy and paste feature

Here are a couple more quick tips, so you’re busy typing out an email or quick message, and you want to select a specific word. All you do is you double-tap, and it’ll automatically select that word.

It also has smart selector if you double-tap it’ll recognize it’s a name email or phone number and select the whole piece then if you want to select the entire sentence all you do is triple tap and just like that it’ll select the whole thing for you easy peasy lemon squeezy.

 Finally, if you tap and swipe, it’ll select what you have just swiped, so you tap once, then swipe, and you can select your wording just like that.

USB file transfer:

so you may not have seen this adapter before and guys this is apple lightning to USB camera adapter, and now with iOS 13 it has external drive support and what that means you can take a USB Drive to plug it into this adapter

 then take your adapter plug it into your beautiful iPhone 11 and it in files under the Browse section right over here you will see your external drive pop-up boom right over there no name

And guys you could not do this before so if I tap it, I can access the drive and transfer all my pictures video music and documents on to my iPhone 11 or transfer files from my iPhone onto the USB Drive this is a super nifty new feature and but be sure to try your USB before you buy.

iPhone QR code Scanner

Of course, QR code scanning has been available on the iPhone for a while, but now you can find the icon within your control center

 So if you open up the QR code scanner and, of course, scan a QR code, it’ll open up the link for you so quickly and easily.

And what’s also new is you can activate the flashlight while scanning a QR code but if you want to have that QR code scanner in your control center head on over to settings and make sure it is in the included section under way you customize the controls

And then just in case if you guys didn’t know you can also scan a QR code just using the camera the application so as you can see the link right at the top pops up

Click on that, and it’ll take you through to your link destination

Calendar Attachment

Now this is a cool one for all my super organized folks out there let’s say you’re busy saving a special date within your a calendar like Jane’s going-away party well all you would do is add in the usual information you would like for an event, but right at the bottom over there you can add an attachment

now, so I went into my files I found Jane’s invitation, and I attached it to the calendar, so this is nifty because often we go into our calendar we see an event, but we forget maybe what time it is or where it’s located or any other extra information that we need, but now that is a thing of the past thanks to this nifty feature.

Maps Arrival Time

All right max estimated time of arrival so let’s say you’re busy getting directions to one of your favorite restaurants, but your friends or your partner are waiting at that restaurant for you well don’t keep them guessing because now you can swipe up from the bottom menu and share your estimated time of arrival with any of your contacts

 You select the connection you want to share your estimated time of arrival with, and they will, of course, get a message or notification of when you are going to arrive you can also at any time stop sharing your location by merely tapping on that contact if you want

And you can also share your estimated time of arrival with multiple connections, so you click on that sharing with one person you’ll see a menu pop up again tap on another connection and like that you’ve shared your ETA map.

Map Locations

Collections are also seriously helpful, so if you’re in the map and you swipe up a write of the day you will see this option that says new collections

 and this is basically where you can create groups of your favorite places, so here I’m typing in favorite restaurants I created this collection

and now I can go in and select all my favorite restaurants and save into this collection

so I click on add place one of my favorite restaurants of the Bistro I click that plus icon, and it’s automatically been added

 I also searched a couple more of my favorite restaurants and added them just like that, and then later on, when I want to come back, I can swipe up and check out all my favorite restaurants in one place.

 You can also share these collections with any of your contacts, which is super nifty, especially if you know someone coming from another country share your favorite restaurants, and they are sorted, so definitely try this out in your maps and create a bunch of collections to make your life easier.

 Reminder Features

The reminders app has also had a slight little upgrade and if you head on over into it and start creating your list of reminders to do such things like grocery shopping or walk the doggie at the lake what you cannot do thanks to this new toolbar

Is just really quick and efficiently at the time of when you would like to be reminded as what is the location of where this reminder will happen, so I just typed in and lake near my house and selected that as part of my reminder and then you can also add an image or take a picture there are a whole bunch of things you can do to customize your reminders so that they have a bit more information when you go to complete them, so the next time you go to create your reminders check out their toolbar.


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