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iPhone 12 Mini, iOS 14 Leaks

All new iPhone 12 mini and iOS 14 leaks along with the upcoming new upgradations in the coming year.

iPhone 12 mini , iOS 14 2020

Squared iPhone housing at this site isn’t the most comfortable.

To start with a custom housing on the iPhone 11 pro max which resembles the iPhone 12 and the iPad Pro like design with a slab design glass on the back and still that iPad pro look it looks cool this took about four hours to swap.

iPhone 12 mini

Now, as for using a square device, I measured it with callipers, it’s the same width as the current iPhone, but it doesn’t feel that way. Apple hides the thickness very ingeniously with a curved design, so there’s a reason that you don’t do squared. If they do go to the square, then hope that they shrink the bezels and make the device as compact as possible, but it works.

It’s very aesthetic. It looks very cool. So let’s first go to a report by Ming Chico who details several new products coming to the Apple lineup in the first half of 2020 could announce the upcoming spring event which is likely to take place in March.

Apple to Release compact wireless charger:

 It’s a first off he’s mentioning that Apple will be working on a wireless charger that’s smaller than the airpower mat but will be their brand. So instead of selling you a third party version, Apple will have their own and presumably. They needed to have a product like this to sell you an iPhone without a port.

iPhone 12 Wireless Charger

So it makes sense when they’d be investing in this before 2021. when that’s likely to happen whether or not. It will come with the new iPhone we don’t know unlikely, but it will sell as a standalone accessory.

Apple air tags that never stolen:

We know he also says air tags or the tile competitor will release in the first half of 2020. So that’s very likely coming at the spring events. We’ve heard a lot about those they’re going to take on tile never lose a single product again.

Apple Air tags

That will be integrated with the ultra-wideband chip and iPhone so you’ll be able to track those items within a few feet even within a foot indoors which is the best part.

Apple On-ear headphone releasing 1st half of 2020:

 Apple over-ear headphones are still happening details are very scarce we don’t know anything about them, but they will occur in the first half of 2020.

On-ear headphones

 He also did mention that a new iPad pro the 20/20 version is coming as well as the MacBook Pro 13-inch with scissor-switch keys and along with those iPad rumours. DIDIJA times is reporting that Apple will be releasing their first-ever smart keyboard that’s backlit and also includes scissor-switch keys for the upcoming iPad pros. The production will most likely be affected by the Coronavirus happening mainly in China right now.

iPhone 9 without home button

Apple is working on an iPhone for 2021 which will be the follow-up to the iPhone 9 likely the iPhone 9 plus it’ll be an LCD. It’ll have touch ID but not in the home button because it won’t have one in the power button on the side. It’ll be a capacitive design an all-new touch ID solution that we’ve never seen on any iPhone. An iPhone that’s LCD 5.5 or 6.1-inch display so not supposed to be super-premium. Just a different way that Apple is approaching this budget or mid-tier iPhone solution.

iPhone 12 Details:

On the 2020 iPhones starting with an iPhone 12 mini. So this is the 5.4 inch iPhone. We’ve heard so much about they’re guessing it’ll be called a 12 mini, but they’re saying they don’t quote us on that. They went into detail on the design aesthetics of this device saying it will feature an iPad pro like design, but it’ll still have 2.5 D glass which is what’s happening here.

2D Glass Back

The glass still curves into the side; it looks a bit strange. Apple’s implementation will, of course, be cleaner it does work; it gives it that bubbly appearance that we showed you earlier in renders. If done well, it could look good.

iPhone 12 notch

they mentioned that the groove would stay it might be getting smaller, but it will not be getting removed. Previously they were on record saying that the 6.7 inches would not have a notch it would have touch ID built-in. Now they’re saying they’re pushing that back for 2021 because the technology has not matured and Apple is not able to place touch ID into the display just yet.


They will not be removing the notch, so that’s sticking around for yet another year.

iPhone 12 motion  display screen:

 the most astonishing detail of their report is they’re saying a 120 Hertz display is a genuine possibility for all four new iPhones coming out in the fall, not the iPhone 9 will released in March. So with Samsung one plus and so many other companies adopting this display, you’d expect Apple to hop on that train pretty soon.

OLED Display

Cyber phone by Elon Musk:

 what would happen if you combined a cyber truck with an iPhone you’d get the cyber phone caviar which makes extravagant costly iPhones has made this custom version which get you thinking why it seems to ruin the experience completely comfort-wise but if you want your phone to look like Elon Musk just designed it’s available.

iOS 14 Compatible devices:

every single iPhone that currently supports iOS 13 is overwhelmingly likely to support iOS 14 as well they’re saying the SE and success will be supported but within the next few months. We’ll be considering and evaluating whether or not they should proceed with running iOS 14 on these older devices. I say they’re perfectly capable of it.

By Apple

iPhone 5,6,7 new iOS:

they’re running iOS 13 right now very smoothly, and I’d like to see them continue to support it’s amazing just how much Apple supports older devices they just launched iOS twelve point three point five on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus 5s as well and that’s just crazy how old those devices.

Apple continues to support them with the latest security fixes by the way.

By Apple

iOS 14 could drop support for iPad mini & Air 2

on the iPad side, the iPad Mini 4 and Air 2 is getting axed for iOS 14. these are A 8 and max devices so getting a little long in the tooth. those make sense I would like to see the SE and success stay.

iPad 1H

iOS 14 Emojis Preview:

first, look at emojis 117 of them coming to a future beta version of iOS likely iOS 14 and in that preview we’ve got a disguised face. We’ve got an Italian hands ninjas Santa Claus a bunch of new animals anatomically correct human parts and a bunch of fresh food items.

iOS 14 New Emojis

iPhone 12 pro-navy-blue

this was striking the navy-blue iPhone 12 pro color that we rendered up for your viewing pleasure max wine back. Soros said it’s almost 100% accurate and correct to the real thing we’ll be seeing later this year in September. So keep an eye out might be this dark midnight navy blue and it’s almost purplish, but this would look so good on Apple’s upcoming iPhone.

iPhone 12 Navy-blue

Apple touch Id patents continue to filter in

further details that Apple continues to work on touch ID likely grooming it until they bring it back to iPhones starting at 2021. so this patent details an active area across the span of a display where you can scan your fingerprints pretty much anywhere on the surface area which would make future iPhones way more useful than having to press her finger in just one area the entire.

touch id

How Coronavirus force apple to move to touch ID

big reason why Apple should bring back feel ID to the iPhone, so an issue brought up by 905 Mac a lot of users in China right now have to remove their masks to use face ID, of course, you can use a passcode but doing that every single time can get annoying having the option to have touch ID or face ID given the circumstances no matter where you are what you’re doing would be the best solution.

touch id

low-cost iPhone confirmed coming to March:

iPhone which is coming out in March production is to begin in February this is, of course, the iPhone 9 with a 4.7-inch display it’ll look exactly like the iPhone 8 according to the article. It’ll have an Apple a 13 processor so you’ll be getting quite a value quite a punch in performance on this cheaper iPhone. We’re expecting it to cost about 399 dollars maybe 449 but no more than that for what they’re offering.

iPhone 9, 2020

It’s, of course, going to keep touch ID likely generation 2 from the iPhone 8 this phone will help Apple boost its market share in areas where people really can’t afford expensive phones namely India where their current market share is 2%.

Apple boosting A 13 orders due to massive 11/11 pro demand

Apple is increasing the production of Apple a 13 in general because the iPhone 11 and 11 pros are doing so well, namely in China.

Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra.

┬áThe final design has leaked. It’s not so bad it aligns all of the lenses that looks a lot more uniform than we thought. It does say space zoom on the glass, and this is for the 100 times zoom with the of course telescope zoom. They do have inside a coupled with digital zoom you’ll pretty much have a telescope in your pocket, and Mac’s wine rack says that’ll be very subtle it won’t be as apparent as we’re making it here there will be four colors at launch a pink a blue a grey and a black and the prices will not be cheap.

Samsung S20, 2020

The s20 ultra will be about  1450 US dollars and the final specs pretty much everything.

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