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iPhone 12 Pro Leaks


We got multiple reports on the iPhone 12 everything from a new color the actual and chassis of the new iPhone to what’s going on inside RAM power and displays everything in between the phone.

iPhone color:

so the first thing I’d like to mention is an exclusive leak with Maxwell wine bag which has been extensively leaking the galaxy S 20 series now he’s claiming that Apple will be replacing the midnight green color with a navy blue for 2020.

By: Apple

 iPhone release here is presumably for the more expensive Pro models as the lineup is getting separated it’s something we’ve rendered up before not knowing if it would happen or not.

 I want to remind you though max wine back hasn’t had the best record when it comes to these leaks he did accurately predict several things for the 2019 year including that dark green color.

 iPhone Thick panel

Now there’s a big report on the iPhone 12 lineup, and they directly contradict Ming Chico in terms of design. So they’re saying that Apple will likely be sticking with a curved design that we’re not going to be seeing a new housing that’s square like the iPhone 4 which “Ming Chico did claim would be happening.

By: iPhone 12 Pro

It was very disappointing to learn this as it’s about time and I enjoy the iPad pro design why not have it on the iPhone as well and something I’d like to mention is here I have a squared housing for the iPhone 11 pro max I’ll be doing a swap on this week, and it’s cold it’s aesthetic, but one negative is it’s more extensive it’s a thinner chassis, but it adds width so you can imagine in a new size at 6.7 inches and then you throw a case on top of that unless it doesn’t have the sides exposed it’s going to be thick hard to use one-handed, but it does look cool maybe that’s something to Apple did consider why they shouldn’t do squared housing, but again this isn’t confirmed this is just for Mac a Takara nor does Ming Chico’s confirmed still both rumors.

By: iPhone


Mac Takara did also confirm Apple’s new lineup strategy here to low-end models to the high-end model

  • the low end being 5.4 and 6.1 with do Nolan’s cameras the high end
  • with a 6.1 and 6.2 splay with triple-lens cameras and a rear 3d sensing camera they gave sizing details of this
By: Apple

New 5.4 inch model it’s between the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 sizing so it’ll fit right into there and the 6.1 inches will be between the iPhone 11 and 11 pro max that currently exists right now and the 6.7 inch will be slightly taller than the iPhone 11 pro max right now so entirely new sizes we don’t know much about the displays other than that the notch could potentially be shrinking so the sizing is completely changing all across the board a smaller iPhone and the most enormous iPhone gets even more significant. An interesting tidbit is that the 6.7-inch mammoth will be thinner than the current iPhone 11 Pro max that one is sitting at 8.1 millimeters right now the new 6.7-inch model will be 7.4 according to Mac takkar.

Lens setup

The pro-iPhone 12 lineups will feature a larger sensor bigger than that of the current iPhone 11 Pro max now what they mean by that is debatable so it could either be a larger sensor inside of the lenses or potentially the entire lens setup would be more extensive than that of the iPhone 11 Pro which would be very strange because

Apple usually keeps its glass set up at least for two years, but they’re saying it could be growing even larger possibly to compensate with the placement of the lens.

iphone 9 2020
By: Apple

3d time-of-flight sensor

“3d time-of-flight sensor “will undoubtedly see but it would be unusual for Apple to change it so quickly in a separate report by Ming Chico he’s claiming all 5g models of this year’s iPhone 12 lineup will be available at launch and will not feature a staggered release as we heard earlier.

In a separate report where Apple would be launching the sub 6 gigahertz versions before 2021 and then millimeter-wave versions after which are more capable but apparently would require a little bit more time to release and not so, they’re all coming at the same time which is good news you don’t want that fragmentation you know especially across different release dates.

Apple’s New Strategy

A report from UBS analyst group first off they do confirm Apple’s new lineup strategy for iPhones to smaller weaker phones the non-pro versions and the larger versions being 6.1 at 16 so also confirming the new report today they do expect all iPhones to be organic LED display equipped in 2020 so no more LCD on an iPhone except for the iPhone 9 coming out in March and in a separate report by Barclays they detail face ID saying it will feature a refreshed face ID system on the iPhone 12.

By: Apple

It would be changed would it be getting smaller they didn’t mention anything other than it will be refreshed let’s hope that includes a smaller notch.

Port less iPhone:

Apple is considering removing the Lightning port from at least one iPhone in 2021, and this is the same thing that Ming Chieko reported on earlier which confirms the Apple is looking to remove all ports on the iPhone completely and that opens up so many questions because it is happening how are we going to make that transition sustainable.

By: Apple

I had recently is would removing the poor make your iPhone more difficult to crack would it make it more secure I think potentially yes it would make the job of celebrate much more difficult as you’d have to physically open the phone to get into the internals and potentially brute forces and with the whole fiasco going on right now between the FBI and Apple asking them to unlock phones you got to wonder would this prevent that issue now to make that transition easier to a portlets phone.

It feel like Apple should put a diagnostic port inside of the SIM card tray on an iPhone where you can actually plug something in much as the Apple watch has and the Apple TV 4k they have diagnostic ports this could be something that Apple does as well and by the way, apparently the iPhone 11 Pro is no longer crack proof Apple did release an update earlier making the brute-force celebrate tool.

Impossible to use but apparently that’s no longer the case and your iPhone can be cracked.

iPhone Wireless Charger

An interesting thought is will Apple re-release airpower now that a completely wireless and port free iPhone will exist next year a medium writer seems to think so actually going so far as to say that Apple never truly gave up on the project and that Apple was merely hindered in their efforts to release airpower eventually they will get there possibly not in the same capacity when they first announced it but Apple does truly need a wireless charger with the iPhone if it’s going to be completely port ‘less so they could possibly re-release it and the rise of all of this airpower like Matt’s with overlapping coils does give evidence to the fact that it is possible just maybe not as ambitious.

By: Apple

As Apple originally planned it and then in that report from UBS they also mentioned that Apple will be upgrading the higher-end models to 6 gigabytes of RAM the entry-level 5.4and 6.1 will stick with 4 gigabytes so that means the iPhone is getting even more capacity for multitasking keeping apps open in the background something people wish that this year’s iPhone came out with but that’s good news there’s a very good chance that Ram may be ddr4 Samsung they actually just started developing their new 12 gigabyte chips and those will be available in the Samsung Galaxy S 20 according to icy universe the main difference between ddr5 and ddr4 Ram is that it’s 1.5 times faster and 30% more efficient. so it’s something that Apple should certainly be looking into for the upcoming iPhone and apparently

Apple’s A14

the Apple A 14 of powering the iPhone 12 lineup could be as powerful as a Macbook pro in multi-core processing so this is coming from an analysis by mac world where they summarized the gains coming to apple’s new chip based on historical data and they’re saying the change from 7 to 5 nanometers will be huge for the iPhone.

By: Apple

It’s an entirely new architecture so the gains could be massive here going from 7 to 5 nanometers means more transistors between 12.5 to 15 million from the 8.5 on the Apple A 13 and as a result, we could be seeing a multi-core score.

Screen response Fast:

Geekbench 5 between 4,500 to 5,000 which is where the MacBook Pro hovers right now, and they expect the GPU performance to be improved by 50% which will be reflected heavily in gaming and speaking of the iPad Pro can do 120 Hertz in fortnight before the consoles even get to it’s an impressive feat on the iPad the fact that he can do that in real-time shows just how advanced Apple’s architecture is right now.

By: Apple

It’d mentioned that will make any iPhone owner jealous once it comes out the one plus 8 series is set to receive a new 120 Hertz display that was co-developed with Samsung, and they’ve went into detail on just how much better it is then current displays and that he can display 10-bit color it has a 240 Hertz input layer meaning your swipes now get registered even smoother the iPhone has a 120 Hertz touch layer it’s just better in every single way versus what the current iPhone has and I hope that now that these other smartphones are getting this display.


Apple is developing a 5g enabled iPads for release in the second half of 2020 this is presumably, of course, the new iPad pros with a triple-lens camera setup Apple will be adding millimeter-wave support to these iPads and you know just like you’d expect they want to have uniform connectivity across the line from iPhones to iPads.

By: Apple

Apple promised I was 13.3.1 beta 2 introduces a new toggle to disable ultra-wideband location tracking this is an issue that was found earlier in Iowa’s 13 that since been patched and also an exclusive leak with Mac’s wine back is we’ll be seeing new home pods at WWDC for one a refreshed version of what already exists into a smaller likely cheaper home pod with unknown specification.


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