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Gerard Pique reaction after Real Madrid Clasico defeat and Liverpool Lose


El Clasico vs Barcelona

Last night’s El Clasico which I didn’t think it was too bad yes it was no way near what it wasn’t a pass, but Real Madrid executed the perfect plan they were the ones pressing. They were the ones putting Barcelona round the pressure, and they got their rewards with two goals.

Leo Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

 Now on the seat over the whole course of the game yes Messi wasn’t involved, but there was a telling stat which kind of unveiled itself for the end of the match that in the five Classico since Cristiano Ronaldo left Messi has no goals and knows assists throughout the game. There was one missing piece in the Barcelona puzzle, and that was  Messi no one of those you’re going to defend him going to say oh yeah, but he’s still the best it’s the players around him don’t get me wrong. I’m not throwing any shade of Messi as a player he had an inferior game, and it seems to be this Clasico aren’t the same

Messi has no goals no assists he there’s not anyone there to offend him to prove that they’re better than Messi and there he retaliates shows that he’s better than everyone else and contrary to this. The five perform an hour left Messi you have five goals and an assist so you can see where I’m getting my opinion from anyway the real star of the night was Vinicius junior.

The Brazilian

 Brazilian look like the only player who’s going to cause any trouble from both sides and all of his hard work is dribbling in his running paid evidence as he managed to get the ball past mark I tried to stake him with a little bit of help from Gerard piqué.

Gerard Pique Reaction

He said that this was the worst Madrid side that they’d faced in the last few years this is unbelievable surely Pique has then gotta realize that if they’re playing the worst Madrid side ever, they couldn’t even beat them surely this makes Barcelona Weaver worse than the worst Madrid side ever. He sent her to shut his mouth after a game when he especially put in pretty poor performance.

 A Barcelona Look

It’s an absolute shadow of their former selves I’ve asked the question before, and I’ll ask it again to all of the Barca fans all of you guys over there this isn’t a specific opinion from me I want to know your answer is that performance and is that result better than what on Nestor Valverde was bringing or would have brought to Barcelona riddle me that answer me in the comment section below.

Manchester City

Were at it again they’ve now completed that hat shaker of care about Cup victories at pep Guardiola has won eight of the nine competitions. He’s entered as a manager in England the star of the show Phil folding.

 He took his opportunity in it makes the question one earth is “the 19-year-old not playing any more games.”

It’s clear that he’s talented it’s clear that he’s like the heir to David Silva was thrown and quiet even says about how much of a good player he is, but he does not get the minutes well it finally got his chance and on the biggest stage of all with a home football in England.

Manchester City vs Aston Villa

He put in a scintillating display as Manchester City edged past Aston Villa 2-1 I say just a little bit harsh Manchester City was very dominant they didn’t have the goals to show it as the villain is pretty much only reasonable chance to matter didn’t manage to put away anyway what does this mean well according to most people in the English press winning the caribou Cup doesn’t mean anything but you can see if the Manchester City players and Guardiola that they’re delighted to win, of course, it’s another trophy, and there are individual few clubs like Spurs would kill to earn that never mind.

Three times in a row anyway talking of English clubs and the Premier League threw up some rather exciting results this weekend as I mentioned before with the Clasico.


But first off Liverpool lost what’s going on with the world honestly Watford put in a stunning performance a three no victory over Jurgen Klopp sites, and there are beaten run at 44 games do not fret though Liverpool fans.

You’re still going to win the league things are still going swimmingly well at Anfield it as Jurgen Klopp said it’s just a little bit of a knock and they need to restart and get back to their best form of course if they lose a chance in the FA Cup and then get knocked out to travelling by 30 car Madrid a lot more questions will be asked, but at the moment it was just a slight hiccup, and what elsewhere has been a phenomenal season alongside this there was another paltry loss the Spurs as wolves moved in on fourth place and as of Everton Manchester United VAR Is added such a ridiculous decision, in my opinion, to give offside if that with the hair doesn’t have the best of games.

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