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How to watch Super Bowl 2020 liv without cable

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Where can I watch the super bowl 2020

So you want to watch the Super Bowl, and you either have already cut the cord, or you’re going to be away from home or something like you want to be able to watch the Super Bowl but are not going to be home attached to a television that either has cable or satellite.

¬†Guess what I got you covered I’m going to tell you how to watch Super Bowl liv 2020 ¬†for absolutely free.

“yes, absolutely free.”

We are going to tell you exactly how to watch not only this your Super Bowl Miami 2020 for free and legal but how you can stream it in 4k for the first time. Now, this is crazy. It has never done before.

 So I’m super excited that we’ll be able to watch the Super Bowl 2020 in 4k. There are a couple of things here you’ll need to know to watch in 4k, but even if you can’t stream it in 4k, you can indeed stream it at the very least in 1080p across a bunch of devices, and it’s super simple.

 All you got to do I have interlink of some links for the apps that you can either download on your phone your tablet or if you have a streaming service or a streaming a piece of hardware like a Roku which we’ll talk about here in a second you’ll be able to watch it.

Fox Sports app

It’s a Fox sports app, not Fox Sports go. There are two completely different things. But you will better watch your Super Bowl liv 2020, the intermission, the commercials everything on this app. now you can watch it in 4k on specific devices only some of the Roku’s, the Apple TV and of course the fire TV.

super bowl liv 2020 app
By: Fox Sport

The asterisks being here that the Apple TV 4k won’t scream it technically in HDR because I don’t know why it’s not going to look as good as the other wasn’t going to tell you, so you’re probably going to want to buy something like an Amazon fire stick 4k if you don’t have one or a Roku or something like that it has four okay if you have a 4k television if you do not don’t worry about it.

Fox supported

Super Bowl Miami 2020 on Computer

But if you’re on your computer and you’re not near a television or something, then you can also ask for where can I watch the super bowl 2020. So there is a link below.

What is the super bowl going to be on?



No matter what, you will be able to download an app either on your phone tablet or even on your streaming box, whether it be a Roku Apple TV or Fire TV of any kind. It’ll work for free you pay nothing legal.

Apple Tv:

apple tv for super bowl liv 2020
By: Amazon

Fire tv stick 4K

fire tv for super bowl liv 2020
By: Amazon

Roku Express

Ruko espress for super bowl liv 2020
By: Amazon


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