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Top 5 best camera phones 2020

top 5 best phones 2020

if you’re looking to buy the best camera smartphone, then there are plenty of options available in the market like you

  • Huawei P 30 Pro 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S 10 class

but if you’re looking to buy a new phone, then here is the upcoming list of best camera phones that gives the best picture quality. WE will talk about the best future smartphone from October to December, which offers the best picture quality.

 Realme XT:

the best mid-range camera phone from  real me which has got 64 mp primary lens, so this phone is launching on September 20 and available for purchase in October 2019 this spoon will be power by Qualcomm snapdragon 712 chipsets coupled with 4gb and 6 GB of ram comes to the display of 6.4 inches which isn’t super AMOLED display, but the main USP is its quad-camera setup which is of

Realme XT  Specifications :

  • 64 MP primary lens + 8 MP of wide-angle lens + 2 MP of the depth sensor and 2 MP of microsensor
  • It also comes along with a 16 MP or front camera, which is a pop-up selfie camera.
Pic by: Realme XT

This camera module guarantees your pass picture quality both the rear and the front if you are looking for a mid-range phone that gives best picture quality then this is best for you this one also packs of 4000 images of battery and comes with a VOOC  charging support that charges the phone faster this phone is price around 250 dollars.

Redmi Note 8 Pro:

The king of the mid-range smartphone is coming back again with the Xiaomi Redmi note8 pro, which is the best mid-range camera that will be available to purchase in October 2019, priced at around 240 dollars. This is the best smartphone at the price point it is coming with this phone will be powered by the dominant media attack Helio g90 chipset coupled with 6 GB of RAM comes with a 6.5 three-inch of IPS LCD with full SD plus resolution, but the main USP of this phone is its quad-camera setup that comes with wide range.


  • 64 MB of the primary lens, which is on Samson sensor plus 8mp of wide-angle lens plans to MP of the depth sensor and 2 MP of the microsensor camera module, is precisely the same as real me XT, but we have to see which one will win the race.
Pic by: Redme Note 8 Pro
  • It also comes along with the 20 MP or front selfie camera, which takes impressive selfies this one packs a 4500 MAH of the battery comes with a quick charging support a dock price point it is happening with this is the best and the best mid-range camera phone.

Oppo RENO 2:

there or you know to is the next best camera phone that you can buy in October 2019 which will be launching on September 2019 so Oppo is known for this best camera smartphone, and Oppo Reno lineup gives the best picture quality Oppo Reno – is powered by the Snapdragon 730 G coupled with massive 8gb of RAM it comes with a 6.55 inch of dynamic AMOLED display that gives you fantastic display experience the main USP of this spoon is its quad-camera setup that is coming along with number of options.


  • the 48 MP primary lens + a DMP of the wide-angle lens + 13 MP plus 2 MP, this squad camera module capable of shooting the best pictures and also provide you a 20x hybrid zoom.
  • This phone is coming with a shark fin 16 MP of front selfie camera, which retakes impressive selfies.
Pic by: Oppo Reno 2

 This phone packs both of an image of the battery that comes with a VOOC charging 3.0 technology that charges the phone faster. This phone is the price at around $500.

Google Pixel 4 XL:

 Google is known for its excellent camera smartphone is coming with the fourth edition of pixel series. Google pixel for Excel is expected to launch on October 10, 2019, and will be available to purchase in October and November 2019. This one will be price around 1100 to 1200 US dollars. This phone will be power by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor coupled with 6 GB of RAM comes with a 6.3 inch of OLED which gives the users a fantastic display experience the main USP of the spoon is,

  • its camera, which is a triple real camera setup, comes with a 12 MP + 16 MP + 5 MP of triple rear camera that takes the best pictures you have ever seen.
  • ┬áThis one also offers a dual selfie camera, which is 8 MB + 5 MP.
Pic by: Google Pixel 4 XL

This phone packs 3007. An image of a battery comes with fast charging support. This is the first phone that will feature Android 10, which is the Android Q operating system.

iPhone 11 Pro:

Most awaited smartphone that is launching at the end of 2019 is the iPhone 11 series – 11 Pro is one of them, and it will be the excellent camera smartphone this phone will have and a 5.8 inch of OLED display reduce amazing display experience this phone will be power by Bionic a13 chipset coupled with 6 GB of RAM comes with the best camera.

  • The triple rear camera setup which is off to MP and there is a 12 MP off front selfie camera this camera module is known to take best pictures and gives the best picture quality this phone banks and 3190 MH of battery and comes with the three variants of 128 GB 256 GB and 512 GB storage variants the expected price will be around one thousand dollars.
Pic by: Apple

The it is this one will be available from October 2019 in Apple stores online and offline, so these are the upcoming great camera smartphone that you can buy at the end of 2019 and at the beginning of 2020.

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