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old coin

They say money makes the world go round. Maybe that’s why so much of the money we use comes in the form of round coins. We tend to think that banknotes are more valuable than coins, but that isn’t always the case Especially when the real value of a currency is far more than the figure printed upon its face.

 Anybody who says that money doesn’t grow on trees hasn’t walked through the right forests in the United Kingdom. In various parts of Great Britain, and especially in the area of Port Marion and Wales, you’ll come across trees that are full of bent coins.

 In some cases, the coins have been hammered through into the hollow old tree stumps filling them to the brim.

 Coins from all over the world can find in these forests ranging in both value and age. The tradition started in the 1700s when superstitious people would use the trees as wishing trees. According to their beliefs, putting a coin into a tree-like this and then making a wish could cure themselves, their friends, and their relatives of illnesses. If the coins removed, though, the diseases might return.

 Over time, thousands of dollars worth of currency have invested in the trees like a big wooden bank.

Double Leopard Coin

 if you’re a coin collector, then the holy grail of your hobby is the old English double leopard, which dates back to the reign of King Edward the third and minted for six months between January and July in 1344.

double leopard coin

 before the double leopard, almost all English coins made from silver. Only when the King realized that the French were using gold for their coins did he make the order for a more precious metal to be used. He didn’t want the money of England to appear inferior to its Continental neighbor. The double leopard was modeled closely on the French double Florin and was even known as a double Florin in some quarters.

 Shortly after the decision to create the coin, it decided that what England needed was a coin that had a more distinctive appearance.

And so the more massive Gold Noble was commissioned instead. By August of the same year, it first minted the double leopard no longer accepted as legal tender, and many of the existing coins melted down to make gold Nobles. That makes any remaining double leopards extremely rare and valuable. One of them sold at auction for 850 thousand dollars.

Gold 20 roubles Coin

 The rarest coin that comes from Russia is one that never entered general circulation at all.

 The Gold 20 roubles coin minted at the st. Petersburg mint in 1755 as an experiment.

gold 20 rubles coin

 Two new coins that were broadly similar in appearance with the likeness of Elizabeth Petrovna stamped upon them created as a test set. One of the new coins had a denomination of 20 rubles and the other of only ten.

 It decided that only the ten rubles coin would be adopted and issued for use and so only two copies of the 20 ruble variants survived.  one of them is now in the permanent collection of the state .

Hermitage Museum. Others spent years in the Prince George Romanov collection but were then sold privately at auction in the United Kingdom. It fetched a price of over one and a half million English pounds.

Hobo Coins

the coins created by brilliant Russian designer roman butene may not always be legal tender, but they’re worth thousands of dollars to collectors. The steel working genius has used everything from Zippo lighters to scrap metal to create ornate and unique coins, and this take on an old Morgan Silver Dollar might be his best work. entitled the trap with gold bait but has taken 1945 minted golden – peso Mexican coin placed it in the middle of his money sculpture and surrounded it with a distorted 1900.

hobo coin

Silver Dollar which has altered to feature a rounded base. When the gold coin pressed upon the steel jaws of the trap, Booton has laid around it close.

 although they don’t attract hobo prices the trap with golden bait sold for more than ten thousand dollars on eBay.

That seems to odds with the Latin inscription Boonton has printed on the coin, which translates as gold has claimed more Souls than iron.

Canadian gold maple leaf

 a coin does not have to be old to be valuable. It just has to be made out of the right materials or designed by the right artist .every year in Canada; the Royal Canadian Mint produces a gold bullion coin known as the Canadian gold maple leaf.

canadian gold maple

 The 24 karat gold coin considered to be legal tender, but you’d never want to spend it at its face value. take the 2007 edition of the currency for example designed by the artist Stanley Witten it has a face value of 1 million

Canadian dollars. Gold used to create I, which believed to be more like three and a half million dollars.

 Since 2013 laser-cut micro engravings on the coins have been used as security detail to guard against forgeries.

 You wouldn’t want to carry the larger editions of the coins around in your pocket. They’re twenty inches in diameter one inch thick and hefty.

maple leaf

five-franc coin

seeking to draw attention to the plight of the environment in their country the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo came up with an unusual medal in 2005.

five franc

 it’s a five-franc coin which made of wood as opposed to metal. Although they intended to be collectible, they can be used as legal tender if the bearer of the coin so desires. The wood of the maple tree used for their production with a limited run of 2000 of the 1.5-inch coins created in total an etching of Congo’s native gorilla is stamped on one side of the coin to draw attention to the illegal poaching of gorillas that goes on in the country, on the reverse you’ll find a lion such as the popularity of the wooden coin that the government decided to produce a follow-up series of coins made from beech wood with a smaller metal coin inlaid into it. This time a mere 50 were provided.

five franc back

Ukrainian coin

 the special connection between Canada and Ukraine is celebrated each year with the production of a particular coin shaped like a traditional Ukrainian pisanka.

ukrainian coin

A design we probably better recognize an easter egg. The coins made as a celebration of the town of Verger Ville, which was initially populated by Ukrainian settlers shortly after its founding and is home to the world’s most massive Easter egg sculpture. In previous years the coins have been silver and come with a range of designs. But the 2019 Edition is a little different. It’s a gold coin designed by Dave Melnick, a Canadian of Ukrainian ancestry. the back of the coin features the likeness of England’s Queen

Elizabeth, as it always does but on the face, is a representation of an ancient wooden Ukrainian church. the nominal value of this particular coin is 250 dollars, but due to the fact it’s made of gold and is also rare because of Its limited run of only 250 coins it’s expected to be worth closer to 5,000.

Egyptian Coin

Minted in 2016, it painstakingly represents the inside of the vast Egyptian labyrinth as described and illustrated by the philosopher and Egyptologist Athanasius Kircher, who lived 400 years ago.

egyptain coin

Every single detail of the maze depicted on the face of the coin with literally hundreds of different chambers and hieroglyphs present on the artwork. It has a face value of ten dollars but is sure to be worth much more than that to collectors. The coin has a slightly concave design as if drawing your eye more profound into the maze of pure silver. Each of the 999 coins produced came with its box representing a different part of the labyrinth. We suspect that collecting the whole set would be a job for a multi-millionaire.

Chess coin

in 2018 the tiny Pacific island of Knee, you paid tribute to the game of chess by minting this special limited edition $5 silver medal. despite measuring only two and a half inches in diameter the face of the coin is a perfect and accurate representation of a classic chessboard and the coin comes with a set of tiny chess pieces.

chess coin

You can play the game on its surface. given the minuscule proportions, you’ll need a steady hand a magnifying glass, and a pair of tweezers to move the pieces around with the reverse of the coin features the head of the Queen of England positioned right next to a queen chess piece to go with the theme. Only 500 of the coins and tiny chess sets made, and so their value is already several hundred dollars.

Alien’s Coin

During 2016 caused the entire construction project to grind to a halt for a moment. the seemingly ancient silver coin has a depiction of a head on one side of it, but there’s no way that’s a human head.

alien's coin

It looks more like the classic depiction of an alien with a domed skull, big black eyes, and a tiny mouth. The inscription on the back of the coin only added to the mystery.

 Appears to show an alien spacecraft with the surrounding Latin text translating as here in due course along with the date of 1656. it’s more likely that this was once a standard silver coin and has been sculpted into its current form by The same method Roman Boonton uses to make his hobo coins. Although not quite to the same standard.

old coin

Missiles Coin

 Making a coin out of pure gold or silver is usually a surefire way to add value to it, but these disarmament dollars from 1988 made of unique material.

peace coin

When the Cold War finally came to an end, the Soviet American INF treaty called for the scrapping of the medium-range missiles. So to create a unique commemorative coin to celebrate the new peace agreement initially, the coins were only sent to the architects of the peace agreement. Mikhail Gorbachev George Bush Senior and Margaret Thatcher then additional coins were minted and sent to the mayors of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan.

 Eventually, it decided that the coins should be available to collectors, and hundreds more commissioned with the proceeds going to peace charities.

 Each coin comes with a certificate confirming that despite its past life as a nuclear weapon, it poses no threat to human life.

Olden Coin

 This somewhat misshapen gold coin looks like a reject or a defect. As if something had gone wrong during the minting process. It isn’t. It’s a golden rule green server nets and dates back to the final years of the 16th century.

Coins like this one were given by Boris Godunov to reward those who served their country or him individually with distinction.

olden coin

 The incredibly rare coins have a value of over 1 million rubles, which is equivalent to over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

 An amateur historian working with a standard metal detector found the coin and took it to officials working in the treasure hunt office to have its authenticity confirmed.

 What will happen to it next is less clear. Often the state will claim possession of valuable cultural items and pay 50% of the value of the topic to the finder. If, however it turns out that the coin recovered from private land, then the discovery will be classed as theft, and the finder may face up to four years in prison no wonder.


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